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Reg.No:32/Regd/SO(FW)/2008,DRA & DM & HO,NIZAMABAD.

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Dr Ala Lakshma Reddy hailed from village of Dubbak, Nizamabad, Telangana State. He is son of Ala Venkat Ganga Reddy and Sarojanamma. He was born on Sept 7, 1946. He received his medical degree (MBBS) from Gandhi Medical College Hyderabad in 1973. After completing his residency at Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad, he went to Nellore in 1974 to train in surgical and medical procedures at Dr Ramchandra Reddy Peoples Polyclinic (Prajavidhyashala) which was established with Trust set up by Dr Ramchandra Reddy to serve the poor and needy. He was there until 1977. That experience made him to start his own Hospital called Pragathi Hospital (Peoples Polyclinic) in Nizamabad. He is best known as a compassionate Humanitarian and strongly believed in providing health care for poor people. He ran that hospital with minimum fee and sometimes no fee for people who can’t afford. His practice became so much popular. In 1982, he built a 2-story hospital building with all the money he made from the practice and with money he received by selling some of his land inherited from his parents. After 12 years of his practice, he started his own Trust called Pragathi Hospital Trust on December 1, 1989 and he donated his 2-story 100 bed Hospital building to that Trust. Since then, as a chairman of that Trust and as the lead practicing physician, he is running the Hospital with help of the Trust Committee Members. Eventually with the help from well-wishers, that Hospital grew to be 3 story Hospital with 3 Surgical theaters, Neonatal Unit, center for facilitating specialist in all areas of medicine, and center for training junior Doctors. Multiple Junior Doctors trained under him have established their own practices.
In addition to the hospital, he established
Ala Sarojanamma School of Nursing and Pragathi College of Physiotherapy under the Trust. Both institutions are graduating multiple students every year.

He and his wife Manga raised their Son Dr.Sawan and Daughter Dr.Swathi as successful doctors. He enjoys spending time with his 3 grandsons. Some of his hobbies are Organic farming, Trekking (Manasarovar and Mt Kailash, Pindari Glacier, Gangotri and Har-ki-dhun), and visiting national parks all over the world.

He has multiple achievement throughout his life. As a Student at Gandhi Medical College: 1968-1970 Joint Secretary of Students Association at Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad. 1970-1971 Mess Secretary at Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad.

As a Physician:
  • 1993 to 1997 President of private hospital and nursing welfare association, Nizamabad.
  • 1997 to 1998 Vice president of APNA (Andhra Pradesh State Nursing Homes Association).
  • 2001 to 2002 President of APNA (Andhra Pradesh State Nursing Homes Association).
  • 2004 to 2005 President of No Aids Society of Nizamabad, AP.
  • 2006 to 2007 President of IMA(Indian Medical Association), Nizamabad branch.
  • He was also a member of 1st Lok Adalat and first president of Jana Vignana Vedika, Nizamabad Dist.


Pragathi Hospital started on 10th December 1977 and inaugurated by well known eminent surgeon of Nizamabad District Dr. L BHASKAR REDDY (MS) and chaired by chief of People's poly clinic (Nellore)

Pragathi Hospital started with 10 beds and improved to 35 beds of multispecialty hospital within the span of 3 months.

Present building at SARASWATHI NAGAR on HYD road in Nizamabad was constructed with capacity of 65 beds were inaugurated on 10th October 1982 by DR. B SITHARAM REDDY CT surgeon HYD & Honourable justice B.P JEEVAN REDDY. In 1985 middle and rear block added on 2nd floor to accommodate 100 beds.

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This property including equipment in the hospital were settled as Public Charitable Trust in the name of PRAGATHI HOSPITAL TRUST in 1989.

The hospital was started with following objectives i.e., to provide health care to all section of people. Maintain transparency in all services.

Hospital used to conduct training programs for junior doctors for 2 years by providing them stipend to improve their surgical medical management skills and learn emergency procedures.

In 1993, added Neonatal unit to the hospital.

In 1995, IMA (Indian Medical Association) hall was built on 2nd floor of the front block of hospital building for Nizamabad branch. With IMA help following camps were conducted by Pragathi Hospital.

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In 1998, started the new ICCU along with central oxygen supply, Central Suction Unit & 3KV solar unit which is inaugurated by.

Hon’ble Justice BP JEEVAN REDDY (ICCU).



In 2000, Pragathi college of Physiotherapy and Sarojanamma school of Nursing was opened under Pragathi Trust.

In 2005, front block of the hospital building Cath Lab was constructed and inaugurated by Dr. DAYASAGAR RAO MD, DM (Cath lab)

In 2009, State government gave priority to Pragathi Hospital in the private sector in all surrounding districts to treat Aarogyasri program for below poverty line people.

In 2012, added Nephrology department with 12 bedded HEMO Dialysis units.


Some of the classmates and well-wishers of Dr. Ala Lakshma Reddy who visited the hospital were impressed & appreciated by observing the ambiance and the services provided by the hospital. They came forward to donate for the further development of the hospital.

S.No. Name Amount Year Place
01 Dr A. Lakshma Reddy Settler of Trustee 1989 NIZAMABAD
02 Sri Late Ingu Rajesham ₹ 1,00,000 1993 NIZAMABAD
03 Dr Gogineni Ravindra Kumar MD $ 5,000 1996 USA
04 Dr Purnachander Rao MD $ 4,000 1996 USA
05 Dr Vemula Shanthi Reddy MD $ 1,000 1996 USA
06 Dr Satyam V chary MD Boyel's Apparatus worth of ₹ 5,00,000 1996 USA
07 Dr Gandhiji Yelamanchali MD $ 5,000 1996 USA
08 Dr Sudhakar Reddy Chandrupatla $ 5,000 1996 USA
09 Dr Nagasuri Babu Jasthi MD $ 5,000 1996 USA
10 Dr Vadyala Venugopal Reddy MD $ 2,000 1996 USA
11 Mrs Indira T Pratap Reddy $ 2,000 1996 USA
12 Dr Veramachineni Raja Rao $ 2,000 1996 USA
13 Mr Prasad Rao Eravelli $ 700 1996 USA
14 Dr Vatsala Ragavan $ 1,000 1996 USA
15 Dr Ramakrishna Murthy Chitty $ 2,000 1996 USA
16 Dr Vittal M $ 1,000 1996 USA
17 Dr Sujatha Ashok Reddy Seelam $ 35,000 1996 USA
18 Dr Prabhakar Ramesh Veramachineni $ 5,000 1996 USA
19 Dr Mohan Roy Sarabu $ 2,000 1996 USA
20 Sri Basa Poshetty ₹ 2,00,000 2000 NIZAMABAD
21 Late Sri Ambalal Daliya ₹ 2,00,000 1998 BODHAN
22 Sri E Ramchandar Reddy (Reddy & Company) ₹ 2,11,005 2005 NIZAMABAD
23 Late Sri BL Raj Ganesh Advocate (Pragati Hospital Life Trustee) ₹ 25,000 2009 NIZAMABAD
24 Late Sri Kunta Narsa Reddy ₹ 51,000 2010 NIZAMABAD
25 Dr.Suresh N $ 3,000 1996 USA
26 Smt Vemula Laxmi w/o Sudharshan Reddy ₹ 1,00,000 2021 VELPOOR
27 Late Smt B Shakunathala Devi W/o Late Sri Srinivas Reddy ₹ 2,00,000 2007 BANSWADA
28 Sri. Admala Venna Kumari W/o Janardhan Reddy ₹ 1,00,000 2022 NIZAMABAD


PRAGATHI HOSPITAL TRUST was inaugurated on 1st December 1989 by ALA VENKAT GANGA REDDY father of Dr. Ala Lakshma Reddy and the occasion is chaired by Honorable Justice O. CHINAPPA REDDY Supreme court of India.

Trust was headed by Dr. Ala Lakshma Reddy as managing trustee of the hospital and PV RAJ GANESH (Senior Advocate of NZB) and Dr. J RAGHUNATH RAO (MD) as life trusties.

Present Trust board member of PRAGATHI HOSPITAL

  • Dr. Ala Lakshma Reddy (Settler & Chairmen)
  • Dr. D Narayana Rao (MS) (Life Trusty)
  • Dr. Sawan Ala (MS) (Life Trusty)
  • Dr. K. Naresh Kumar (Life Trusty & Managing Trusty)
  • Dr. A. Vikas (Life Trusty)

Two villages are adopted by the Trust, and they are Mallaram (Nizamabad) & Dubbak (Dharpally Mandal, Nizamabad District).

By observing the services provided by PRAGATHI HOSPITAL, Govt of Andhra Pradesh exempted stamp duty and registration charges for Pragathi hospital trust which was published in Gazette. Income tax Department also granted 80G for the Trust.


The Pragathi Hospital was started with following Objectives i.e., TO "PROVIDE HEALTH CARE TO ALL SECTIONS OF SOCIETY"

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